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About Us

Pro Pulse Aviation is the Virtual Airline of Pro Pulse Gaming. The idea was born from its founder, Alessandro Cesare Cacioli, who, thanks to the experience gained in Sim-Racing and in the world of the Air Force, has decided to join forces and brains of all staff to create an environment in which you forget to be in front of the computer and fly without costs, without regrets and without limits !.
The airline uses the 3 most popular flight simulators: XPlane11, Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Locked Martin Perpar 3D. This is to make sure you guarantee fun to any member of the community!

Our Target

Our mission is to bring the user at ease into a community based on simulation minute details of reality. In Pro Pulse Aviation, in fact, the motto is:
"As in real life, I enjoy flying! "
And it is precisely for this reason that in Pro Pulse Aviation they are well accepted also Flight Controllers: the more you are, the closer you get to reality!

Our Skills

To achieve such an important goal, it takes a staff that is equally important. Pro Pulse Aviation has, in fact, a staff with considerable experience in the world of Virtual and Simulation: in order to always guarantee the best, staff members are not only people of the world of aviation, but also members of the staff of the Sim-Racing department of Pro Pulse!

Our Availability

Finally, to reach the goal and to highlight our skills, the Pro Pulse Aviation Staff is always available 24h / 24, with maximum waiting times of 20h.
Pro Pulse holds a lot to the users, and this is why hospitality and availability always come before any other thing!

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Want to fly but don't know what the weather is like outside? No problem, here you can analyze the weather around the world!


Pro Pulse Aviation relies on 9 hubs scattered mainly throughout Europe, which are the basis of the main scheduled flights of the Airline!

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  • Italy
  • Europe
  • World

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The Pro Pulse Aviation Staff at your disposal!


Alessandro Cacioli

CEO Air Pro Pulse


Filippo Crotti

HUB Responsable


Leonardo Camatti

Chief Pilot Officer


Davide Torresan

Website Developer

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To join Pro Pulse Aviation or for any information, do not hesitate to contact us!

Base Airport

Torino Caselle, LIMF, Turin, Italy

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